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Why do the world's greatest hairstylists insist on using
Turbo Power styling tools?

The answer lies in the unsurpassed quality and the incredible technology built into each and every one of their products. Turbo Power represents the gold standard of the industry, having been the first company to introduce the turbo hair dryer to the salon professional.


What are the Keys to TURBO POWER'S success?


It is the primary feature for built into every product manufactured by Turbo Power.


All Turbo Power professional dryers have high performance AC motors and are designed tooperate trouble free for a minimum of 2000 hours.


Turbo Power continues to achieve excellence, researching, developing and ultimately building products that employ the latest in practical and ergonomic design. Turbo Power recognizes and understands the salon artist. Extremely talented and creative, today’s most popular hairstylists need tools that will enable them to reach their creative heights and set them apart from the competition. Very simply, it is Turbo Power’s calling to provide salon professionals with finest styling instruments in the industry.



Aside from the professions most rapid and efficient hair dryers, Turbo Power’s line now features more powerful and innovative styling tools including curling and straight irons, diffusers, hair brushes and so much more. Today’s hairstylists are serious about what they do. That is why they rely on Turbo Power, a company whose exacting standards are unparalleled.

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